Poster for Poster Session at 2015 WLIC (Cape Town, South Africa)

by Sarah Holterhoff, Valparaiso University Law School Library, Valparaiso, Indiana, USA

Reinventing Legal Research Instruction: Librarians Teach Future Lawyers to Find the Law. This poster presents information about an innovative new curriculum developed and put into practice by the law library faculty at Valparaiso University Law School Law Library, Valparaiso, Indiana. The curriculum applies technology and a collaborative learning approach to teach future lawyers to find the law.

The librarians designed the legal research instruction curriculum as a three-semester course. Lecture and lab classes alternate during the semester; teaching is done within the library; secondary sources, case law and authority verification are among the topics covered, using print and online sources. 

The curriculum follows the Principles and Standards for Legal Research Competency (PSLRC) developed by the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL). The PSLRC identifies five key competencies: (1) knowledge of the legal system and legal information sources; (2)  gather information through effective and efficient research strategies; (3) critically evaluate information; (4) apply information effectively to resolve a specific issue of need; and (5) distinguish between ethical and unethical uses of information, and understanding the legal issues associated with the discovery, use, or application of information.

Link to Sarah Holterhoff Poster IFLA 2015.

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Last update: 14 March 2017