IFLA News Media Section: 2015 Pre-Conference in Pretoria, South Africa

Newspaper e-publishing trends: the stewardship role of libraries


12 – 13 August 2015


Dinokeng Game Reserve, Pretoria, South Africa


Information is a key factor for sustainable development, democratic societies and economic growth. The equitable right and freedom of access to information contained in news should be guaranteed by libraries. Citizen journalism, social media and the growing sector of new information channels entail enormous changes for democratic development, and, on the other hand, libraries face new challenges in preserving them as historical resources for tomorrow.

This session will give attention to library as well as political aspects of the theme, with a particular focus on the African news and news channels.

For more information, please visit the Pre-Conference website.

Preconference, News Media, South Africa, IFLA WLIC 2015

Last update: 25 February 2015