20 June 2014

Guidelines for Government Libraries: A Greek Version

We are glad to inform that a new translation of the 'Guidelines for Libraries of Government Departments' is already on IFLA website. Our sincere thanks goes to the Greek translators, Ms Maria Monopoli and Ms Anna Mastora as well as IFLA publications and web team. The Greek translation of the Guidelines can be found at our publications webpage.        

In connection with this publication, we had the opportunity to promote it in front of an audience of librarians and officials working in the Greek government sector. This was part of the event called "Government Information and Libraries", held on 13th June 2014 at  Athens, where Mr Sanjay Bihani, Chair of Government Libraries Section delivered a keynote address and presentation on 'Government Information and role of Government Libraries'.  He has also spoke on the challenges and opportunities that libraries in government sector are facing nowadays. Please note that our detailed account of the event will be duly covered in our upcoming newsletter.

The event in Athens recorded as live-streaming at the following link

These guidelines are meant for managers and line staff of government libraries. It takes the shape of a working guide, where examples, models of behaviours, services and best practices are listed and can be followed when they suit the situation.

We are especially happy with this new translation because now these Guidelines are available in 11 languages, including all IFLA official languages. We are accomplishing our objective of not only reaching an audience linked to the IFLA official languages, but  several other communities of librarians around the globe where these Guidelines are considered relevant for the professional development. 

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