6 March 2014

First session of the IFLA Trend Report discussion in LAC!

Dear all,

Today Thursday, March 6th was hosted the first session of the IFLA Trends Report discussion in LAC titled “The IFLA Trends Report: scholarly and professional approaches” and which had the participation of Colombian, Costa Rican, Spaniard and Mexican experts.

Round Table no. 1

“The new technologies and the access to information as an IFLA Trend” the speakers discussed the issues faced by Government dependences as Mexican National Archive, or Ministries when they want to organized several amounts of public data. Felipe Martinez has emphasized the engagement, support and involvement that must provide by the IFLA/LAC Section members and their Standing Committee.

Besides they was compared the Colombian and Mexican realities regarding to public access to the information through both public and academic libraries. The Dean of the Mexican Librarians College defined the relation between Society –Library Association – LIS Schools, and the impact of the IFLA documents in both library entities around the world.

Round Table no. 2

“The online education and the e-learning as an IFLA Trend” the speakers exposed the advance in MOOCS implementation in some LIS School in LAC region as Costa Rican University’ LIS School, the UdeA – EIB (Colombian LIS School), the LIS School of Chiapas, San Luis Potosí or the LIS School of the UNAM.

Round Table no. 3

“The privacy and the data protection as an IFLA Trends Report” the speakers offered a comparison between Spaniard, Colombian and Mexican legal frameworks related to privacy, data protection regulations and government censorship. The analysis was in charge of the Dean of the Colombian Librarians College, a Spaniard and Mexican experts in Information Policies.

It was highlighted the evolved rise of Latin American governments in the global discussion about Open Government. For example, they discussed the reasons to Mexico will be soon Co President–State at the Open Government Partnership, and the entry of the Brazilian Government in LAC region to this Partnership.

One hundred of virtual attendees followed us at this first session of the first edition of the Regional Discussion. We are glad to get them from several countries as Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Perú, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela.

I announced that I’d like to host other editions, maybe in other LAC countries and encouraging  the online participation of several representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Dominic Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay.

I’d like to invite each one to tune in our second session tomorrow, with two Round Tables:

  • The hiper-connectivity and the new voices and groups as an IFLA Trend 5. (Round Table 4)
  • Global Economy of the Information and the new technologies as an IFLA Trend (Round Table 5)

The last Round Tables will begin at 10:00 hrs. (Mexico’s time), but you can access on live broadcasting (in Spanish language) through:

If you would like to follow the live broadcasting, consult:

PST Time - Pacific Standard Time at 8:00 am (US Eastcoast) MST Time - Mountain Standard Time at 9:00 am (US Mountain) CST Time - Central Standard Time at 10:00 am (US, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Jamaica) EST Time - Eastern Standard Time at 11:00 am (US, Cuba, Bahamas, Haiti, Panamá, Colombia, Ecuador, and Perú) Venezuela Time at 11:30 am Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic time at 12:00 pm Chile, Paraguay, Brasil, and Argentina time at 13:00 pm Uruguay Time at 14:00 pm GMT Time at 16:00 pm CET Time - Central European Time at 17:00 pm

We’re glad to receive again!

Jaime Ríos-Ortega
Manager of the IFLA Regional Office for LAC

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