13 January 2014

IFLA Reference and Information Services Section Call for Papers - Lyon 2014

By Philippa Andreasson

The Reference and Information Services Section's Open Session is titled: Google is not enough - reference and information services for the transfer of knowledge

Topics of interest could include:

  • The 21st century reference librarian: is she/he a human search engine or a partner in
    knowledge creation? What training and development is required to fulfill this role?  What is not being addressed in library education?
  • Is reference a form of activism? How does this relate to the social role of reference librarianship in the transfer of knowledge?  How do reference services help people to do something, make something, or change something?
  • How do public library reference services build individual and community
    assets?  Examples for this topic could address how do these services strengthen civic engagement, or support multicultural societies or provide a community hub.
  • Are reference services in your library about access (the delivery of answers) or about knowledge creation? How is this enacted in day to day services?  Examples for topics could include: digital and mobile libraries and their use in service delivery/knowledge creation, remote reference services and support for the new kinds of learning environments, or delivery of essential services to support a knowledge driven economy.
  • Reference without technology – the possibilities and perils.  What will these services look like in 5 years?  What sort of innovative reference work in non-technological environments is being done?

The full call for papers is available on the IFLA WLIC 2014 website.

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