18 October 2013

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) to start next week in Bali, Indonesia

IGF 2013

Participate in the IGF via remote participation, see the details on remote participation.

The theme of the IGF in Bali, running from 22 -25 October 2013, is ‘Building Bridges - Enhancing Multistakeholder Cooperation for Growth and Sustainable Development’. As in previous years, IFLA will be represented at the IGF. Stuart Hamilton, Director Policy and Advocacy, and Ellen Broad, Manager of Digital Projects, will partake in discussions and workshops throughout the week. Furthermore, IFLA International Leaders Programme Associate Margaret Allen will also be at the IGF to engage IFLA and libraries in the wider discussion.

Throughout the week, IFLA is involved in the following workshops and sessions:

Tuesday 22 October

  • WS 166: Internet Copyright Policy: Multistakeholder vs. Multilateral? 1100 – 12.30 [Room 6] – IFLA as co-organiser

Wednesday 23 October

  • WS 59: Content Creation, Access to Information, Open Internet, 09.00 – 10.30 [Room 2]
  • WS 276: Rights Issues for Disadvantaged and Indigenous Peoples, 11.00 – 12.30 [Room 5]  
  • WS 340: Network Neutrality: From Architecture to Norms, 14.30 – 16.00 [Room 4] 
  • Flash session 59: IGF Outcome – Recommendations for Global Strategy on better inclusion of vulnerable groups in the Information society, 14.30 – 15.15 [Room 5]  
  • Dynamic Coalition on Public Access through Libraries, 16.30 – 18.00 [Room 10] – IFLA and EIFL Co-organisers 

Thursday 24 October

There are many more sessions of interest – see the full schedule.

Please note: you do not have to be in Indonesia to participate! All sessions are webcast and transcripts are available. There are even facilities for you to ask questions to panelists and make comments. See the details on remote participation.

You can also follow the meeting on Twitter via the hashtag #igf2013

More information on what the IGF is and how IFLA is involved in this, please visit IFLA’s page on libraries and information society.

You can also find IFLA’s revised position on Internet Governance.

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