9 August 2018

Law Libraries Section Session 150 in Kuala Lumpur

Conference Session 150: Role of government and law libraries in times of crisis and turmoil

Law Libraries with Government Libraries Sections

Monday, August 27th: 11:45 - 12:45

Location: Plenary Theatre

Librarians have served as keepers of memory despite intense pressure to destroy materials and often at great personal risk. They have also filled the void that can be left when crisis and chaos undermine or threaten to break down the rule of law and access to justice. Libraries, and librarians, simply by virtue of the work they do, foster relationships that allow society to come together meaningfully and in solidarity.

As turbulent events have rocked world, libraries have had the opportunity to distinguish themselves as places of information, refuge, stability, and hope for distraught communities. Three librarians - one from the Law Library of Congress, one from an HBCU law school, and one from a law library at a university in Croatia, come together to discuss what libraries can do to support their communities in times of crisis. The speakers will discuss their own experiences and offer speculation on ideas like library neutrality and social justice.

This program seeks to explore and highlight the relationship between librarians and the community they serve when tested under circumstances in which legal systems are unreliable, resources are scarce, and tensions are high.

Interactive conversion. Contributing to the conversation:

  • Jane Sanchez, Library of Congress (United States)
  • Yolanda Patrice Jones, Florida A&M University, College of Law Library (United States)
  • Edita Bačić, Faculty of Law, University of Split (Croatia)

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