2010 open session: Gothenburg, Sweden

Session 96 — Law Libraries, Government Libraries and Government Information and Official Publications

12 August 2010 13:45 - 15:45 | Room: H2

Theme: Creating an international legal information policy agenda: issues and challenges

Speakers from the sections on Law Libraries, Government Libraries, and Government & Official Publications will introduce an important topic, and then chair round table sessions where participants will discuss the impact of these topics on their services, and consider the role of IFLA and other partners in finding solutions. The outcome of these discussions is to create an information policy agenda for the section(s).

Chair and moderator: BLAIR KAUFFMAN (Yale Law School, New Haven, Connecticut, USA)

Session 105 — Government Libraries, GIOPS, Knowledge Management, Preservation and Conservation and Law Libraries

13 August 2010 09:30 - 12:45 | Room: Hall B | SI

Theme: Librarians in action: Information policy and human rights

Law Libraries

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