Featuring M&M Member Raymond Bérard!

 Raymond BérardBackground:

  • Director of ABES (Agence bibliographique de l'enseignement supérieur - Bibliographic agency for higher
    education and research). 
  • Education : Foreign languages (English,
    German,  Latin) at the University of
    Lyon. Then library school.

ABES is a government funded organization based
in Montpellier (France). It produces and maintains Sudoc, the union catalogue for French academic libraries. It also
produces catalogues for manuscripts, web sites etc… Everything that may help
universities to promote and disseminate their resources.

How and why did you join IFLA ?
My first IFLA conference was Paris 1989. I then worked for IFLA Express and spent all day locked in a room, writing and translating articles. I saw nothing of the conference!
I then joined LIBER (Ligue des bibliothèques européennes de recherche). I was elected treasurer and spent very happy years, enjoying fruitful exchanges with colleagues from all over Europe.
LIBER is a very dynamic organization but it is limited to Europe. I felt that I needed to broaden my geographical scope to get more informed (and involved) with what’s going on beyond the European borders. Lots of exciting and innovative ideas and experiences stem from North America, Asia, India etc… IFLA is the ideal organization. I joined IFLA in 2005 and was elected on the standing committee of IFLA Management & Marketing section in 2007.

Why do you encourage others to join and to join specifically M&M Section ?
Joining IFLA means wonderful opportunities for networking. The WLIC also is a unique opportunity for continuous training: what’s going on in all parts of the world, what are the major innovations, the hot topics.
The Management & Marketing section covers a very wide scope: management and marketing theories and practice are not restricted to one type of libraries but address all, from school to academic and national libraries. You meet colleagues from all over the world and all categories of libraries.
We are also lucky to have very enthusiastic academics among our group, not just practitioners: it is so stimulating!
Management and marketing are key issues to develop our libraries, promote them (both to the public and decision makers) in a time of harsh economic conditions. You cannot think alone but need to team up to improve your practice!

What is it like to be chair of M&M Section ?
Being a section chair is both fascinating and challenging. As we only meet twice a year (a mid-year meeting in February and the WLIC conference in August), you try to keep the group together all year round (with the invaluable help and enthusiasm ot the information coordinator!).
You prepare the meetings by getting all involved. You do your best so that all can bring new ideas.
One of the best ways to encourage debates and professional exchanges is to organize sessions or satellite conferences. It means selecting the best topic, finding a team, partnering with other sections, finding speakers etc… It is time consuming but so rewarding when comes the day, with a full house and exciting debates!

Management and Marketing

Last update: 5 October 2012