Strategic Plan 2010-2011


The Section of Government Libraries encourages the growth and the development of government libraries by means of assisting in their mutual cooperation and by increasing awareness of the value of government information staff and services to the administration and to the citizenry. The Section is aimed at the community of libraries, information centres, archives, and documention centres which are part of and work for a body with a governing task and which have, in any way, a political responsibility or connection.


Goal 1. Promote government libraries and government information service.

(Professional Priority A: Supporting the role of libraries in society)


1.1 Hold an open paper session at every IFLA conference, recruiting widely from all continents;

1.2 Hold a satellite meeting or intensive government library visits at least every two years; and

1.3 Hold a mid-term meeting in the spring of 2010 in western Europe.

Goal 2. Expand the ability of government libraries staff and the members of the Government Libraries Section to communicate on issues, policies, and operations.

(Professional Priority H: Developing library professionals)


2.1 Actively develop and publish online Section newsletter, The Information Point;

2.2 Using available IFLA technology, create a blog and a wiki for continuing discussion and information sharing among government librarians;

2.3 Identify and promote Government Libraries to the institutional members of the Section;

2.4 Promote and assist government libraries to function successfully in their politically complex environments; and

2.5 Maintain a Government Libraries Section brochure.

Goal 3. Promote and evaluate the publication, Guidelines for Libraries of Government Departments.

(Professional Priority H: Developing library professionals and Professional Priority I: Promoting standards, guidelines, and best practices)


3.1 Using project and administration funds, provide copies of the Guidelines to government libraries and graduate library schools in developing countries;

3.2 Evaluate, modify, and respond to inquiries from libraries on the Guidelines;

3.3 As part of a mid-term meeting in western Europe in the spring of 2010, analyze the effectiveness of the Guidelines, review success stories and modify or update text; and

3.4 Professionally translate the Guidelines for Libraries of Government Departments into German.

Goal 4: Develop and maintain an online publication of mission and/or vision statements of government libraries worldwide.

(Professional Priority I: Promoting standards, guidelines, and best practices)


4.1 Research and collect examples of mission and/or vision statements of government librarians worldwide;

4.2 Create an online publication, available on the Government Libraries Section website, for continuous posting of mission and/or vision statements of government libraries.

Goal 5: Increase membership of the Section.

(Professional Priority H: Develop library professionals)


5.1 Establish a Membership Committee to actively seek to grow the elected and institutional membership of the Section;

5.2 Use the IFLA Membership Recruitment Manual to recruit new members for IFLA among government libraries; and

5.3 Actively seek to involve Section members to develop the activities of the Section.

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Last update: 5 October 2012