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Running a Successful Meeting

Based on advice and tips shared during Officers' training sessions, these resources have been created to help Section Officers to understand the process of running a successful Section.  They focus on how Standing Committee members should work together and the importance of high-quality meetings.

External Sponsorship

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Running a Survey

The Professional Committee pays for a subscription to Survey Gizmo, an online survey software tool, on behalf of the IFLA Professional Units. If your Section or SIG would like to make use of this, please contact Professional Support with the following details:

  • Name and email address of the individual who will need access to Survey Gizmo;
  • Time plan for the project indicating when access would be needed (dates and time period).

The following steps need to have deadlines planned with the working group:

  • Creation, testing and revision;
  • Distribution to survey participants;
  • Evaluation of results.

Help and support

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Organising a webinar: Checklist and tips for Professional Units 

Webinars are short web-based seminars, either live or on-demand, usually transmitting audio and video over the web. As a type of digital event, they are a great way to generate value at a relatively low cost (mainly due to no travelling involved).

These are a good and relatively quick opportunity to share IFLA’s Professional Units work and calls to action, reaching out and engaging with individuals located anywhere in the world, particularly those who may not be able to attend in person events, like the WLIC.

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Last update: 16 August 2019