5 September 2016

Farewell, SWSIG!

By Emmanuelle Bermès

Emmanuelle Bermès, former convenor of the SWSIG from 2011 to 2015, bids farewell to the group as it takes a new start under a new name.

When we first discussed the idea of creating a dedicated working group to discuss semantic web related topics within the IT section, back in 2009 in Milan, I never imagined where that would finally lead me. I became involved in thrilling initiatives such as the W3C incubator group on Library Linked data and finally got to create a SIG within IFLA.

Each and every year, I'm astonished by the interest that this rather technical topic is able to raise during the IFLA congress. IFLA is the only place where you can meet in the same room experts with years of experience in linked data development and newcomers from all over the world, from the cataloger who would like to learn more about linked data to the library manager trying to figure out his/her strategy for the future.

It has been a great privilege for me to convene such a diverse and active group for more than 4 years. I'm glad that there is a strong incentive to continue this work and I entrust Astrid Verheusen, the new convenor, and the small team she started to gather, to carry on the good work we've been doing. I wish you all a rich and fruitful experience for the upcoming years, as much as I had one myself as convenor. Farewell SWSIG, good luck LIDASIG!

Emmanuelle Bermès

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