IFLA WLIC 2016 Congress Session 155

"Connections. Collaboration. Community"


16 August 2016


Greater Columbus Convention Center, C213/215


Under the theme of the next WLIC: “Connections, Collaboration, Community” the IFLA SIG RELINDIAL opens its session conference. It will be organized around the three main themes of the IFLA Congress.

We aim to show that the common point of these three themes, is the human being, the technical aspects are important, but the technic is here to help humankind. It is more than ever necessary to place humankind at the centre of our concerns and to develop tools and services to his benefit.

  • Helen Cheung (SKH Ming Hua Theological College, Hong Kong), Religious education projects with collaborative teaching and technology tools
  • Donatus Düsterhaus (Library for Theology and History, University of Fribourg, Switzerland), Unity and diversity: collections and connections in an interdisciplinary and multilingual community
  • Jorge Luis González Moreno (Biblioteca Gustavo H. Machado, Caracas, Venezuela), Socialización de saberes para el diálogo interreligioso entre la comunidad  académica profesional, estudiantil y el público interesado. Caso particular entre el Archivo Arquidiocesano de Caracas y la Biblioteca Padre Guillermo Plaza SJ.
  • Sane Ahmadou Sidi Touré (CDI-Université des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines de Bamako, Mali), Le dialogue interreligieux au Centre de Documentation et d’Information de l’Université des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines de Bamako
  • Sophie Vasseur (Médiathèque drômoise des sciences religieuses, Valence, France), Relindial-Cartonera : développement du dialogue interculturel et interreligieux en France


Last update: 8 August 2016