18 January 2016

Call for Papers: 2016 IFLA WLIC Open Session by Information Technology Section joint with Preservation and Conservation Section and News Media Section

Theme: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Current State of Born Digital News
Date: 13-19 August 2016
Venue: Columbus, Ohio, USA

The IFLA 2016 theme, “Collections. Collaboration. Community,” touches on highly significant elements required to make digital preservation of news content possible. Access to large-scale digital newspaper content has evolved how libraries and library professionals deal with multiple aspects of their work, including civic engagement, technology, legal considerations, and researcher support. Programmes and initiatives across the world are devoted to digitising and preserving yesterday’s news. But what about today’s news which is often created and delivered in a digital only format? Everyone is struggling with identifying and collecting material from the ever increasing and constantly changing sources in a diversified media landscape. Failing to preserve today’s news not only means losing large amounts of our cultural heritage, but it will impact how tomorrow’s news is reported as the available body of information will be incomplete.

For libraries and archives to maintain our mission to preserve and make accessible these cultural resources, we need to collaborate within our local communities and home institutions, between organizations, and across borders, all of which require close collaboration with publishers themselves. 

This open session will reflect on how the task of continuously creating new solutions for preserving born digital media is a collaboration between many different stakeholders, some with competing interests.

Proposal abstracts must be submitted by 29 April 2016. More details here.

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