14 August 2012

SWSIG Meeting in Helsinki - WLIC2012

The Semantic Web SIG invites any interested IFLA attendee to join the open session on Wednesday, 13:45 in session room 6.

Like last year, the Semantic Web SIG session will be an open time for dicussion where different participants from several libraries and institutions around the world will present their projects, issues and progress.

The session will start with an introduction to Semantic Web and Linked Data concepts and related IFLA standards. Progess reports will include insights from the Library of Congress, national libraries of France, Spain and Germany, the Semantic Computing Research Group of Aalto University, the Library of the National Congress of Chile, OCLC, and the British Library.

 Please note that we will be using the #SWSIG hashtag on Twitter !

We're looking forward to meeting you there !

Information technology, WLIC2012

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