6 November 2012

Request for proposals LOEX 2013

A request for proposals for LOEX 2013 to be held 2-4 May 2013 in Nashville, Tennesie, USA .

Proposals should reflect elements of one of six tracks:

  1. Chart-toppers: Assessment and Evaluation
    Critics and fans agree on what makes chart topping instruction. Suggested topics include rubric creation, classroom assessment techniques (CAT), peer assessment, and program assessment.
  2. All Together Now: Collaborative Endeavors
    Who do you harmonize with? Suggested partners include other librarians, classroom faculty, local schools, campus departments, and other organizations.
  3. Talent Agents and Managers: Program Leadership and Professional Development
    How do you lead a group? How do you develop and manage raw talent? Suggested topics include management of information literacy programs, professional development, and training programs.
  4. Legendary Venues: Teaching and Learning Spaces
    From the front porch to the Grand Ole Opry, good music can happen anywhere, but it’s best if the performance fits the space. Suggested topics include classroom design, classroom technology, and use of nontraditional and virtual environments for information literacy instruction.
  5. Songwriter’s Alley: Instructional Design and Performance
    Good songwriters are able to take inspiration and utilize applicable music theory along with well-practiced technique in order to blend music and lyrics into a well-crafted song. They can then give that song to someone else or perform it themselves. Suggested topics include session design, lesson plans, self-paced student modules and student engagement.
  6. Mix It Up!: Technology and Innovation
    Write a melody, use an audio workstation to mix in a little steel guitar and fiddle, and before you know it, you have a hit. What technology and instruments do you bring to the mix? Suggested topics include mobile devices, appealing to digital learners, online guides and related tools, and social media. 

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