8 September 2010

Our section's logo just created

By Lesley Farmer and Yuriko Nakamura

The IFLA section 11 logo, shown at left of our webpages, was created in order to "brand" the section, providing a stable image that conveys the spirit of the section. Graphic designer Christopher Farmer developed several possible images, which were then reviewed by the section board.

The winning logo has several features that illustrate the section: the overall shape silhouettes both a schoolhouse and letter blocks; the abstract figures represent people in touch with each other, their arms raised as teacher librarians help "raise" children.

The logo is black-and-white so that members can use the image for simple printed documents. Section members may use the logo for approved documents and events.

(This article is from: School Libraries and Resource Centers Section Newsletter, Number 50 - June, 2010).

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