13 March 2013

Libraries Power Development - IFLA and Libraries in The Guardian

Photo: Dan Chung

IFLA would like to draw your attention to an article we have just posted on the Guardian ‘Global Development Professionals’ blog.

The Guardian is a major UK newspaper which is currently looking at the role that information plays in development. On Thursday 14th March from 2pm-4pm CET they will host a live chat on their website where the role of libraries as agents for development will be discussed. Stuart Hamilton will represent IFLA in the discussion and we would like to invite all of you to participate too – all you will need to do is register and then you can submit your questions and examples in the comments section.

Following the live chat a summary of the most salient points will be produced. Previous livechats have attracted hundreds of commenters so it would be great to hear as many library voices as possible in the discussion!

You can access the live chat here.

We are looking forward to seeing you online on Thursday. 

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