2 February 2012

Call for proposals: Promoting global access to law

By Elizabeth Naumczyk

Theme: Promoting global access to law: developing an open access index for official authenticated legal information. Part 2: Europe

The IFLA Law Libraries Section, in cooperation with the Libraries & Research Services for Parliaments, Government Information & Official Publications and Government Libraries Sections, is seeking proposals for papers to be presented at a two-hour program to be held at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Helsinki, Finland in August 2012. 

Last year in Puerto Rico Part 1 focused on  the Caribbean, Central and South American. This year the focus will be on European democracies examining their level of government  transparency, with a special focus on their legal systems, e.g.,  Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, the Scandinavian countries, and others.

Our Section's interest to promote access to free legal information  as a basic human right involves learning from our colleagues how  their jurisdictions have tackled the provision of authoritative  sources of legal information authenticated by their governments. This is a Call for Papers to share experiences by featuring model countries and promoting best practices.  Papers are welcome on how Ministry of Justices or other governmental institutions in European democracies have addressed the issue of free open access for official authenticated legal information 

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