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Making Development Disability-Inclusive: UN Report Highlights IFLA Evidence

A new United Nations report underlines the need for action to ensure that people with disabilities enjoy the same opportunities and possibilities as others. It also highlights good practices, including those adopted by libraries.

12 December 2018 | Library Services to People with Special Needs, Access to information, sustainable development goals, SDGs, disability

The 2030 Arab Librarians: Libraries and Development in the Arabic-Speaking World

As part of our International Advocacy Programme, IFLA supported a project led by the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (AFLI) to develop and deliver an online course on libraries and the SDGs.

21 November 2018 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Access to information, Development, Egypt, Sustainable development, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Arab world

IAP Project Report: Hungary (2018) "Let’s work together on library advocacy!"

​IFLA supported an International Advocacy Programme project for librarians from the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary in 2018. The workshop aimed to raise awareness on the SDGs and libraries, to develop advocacy skills, to show methods and good practices of advocacy activities, to collect library stories, to inspire participants to carry out new advocacy activities, and – last but not least – to expand their professional networks.

29 October 2018 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Advocacy, Capacity building, Libraries, Development and the UN 2030 Agenda, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, International Advocacy Programme, IAP, UN SGDs, UN 2030 Agenda

IAP Project Report: Arab librarians in the MENA region (2018) "The 2030 Arab Librarians: online program towards the road to the SDGs"

An online training platform built with the support of the International Advocacy Programme (IAP) allowed to raise awareness for Arab librarians in the MENA region on the UN 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) increasing the capacity of 31 Arab librarians from various countries across the MENA region working in public & national libraries.

2 October 2018 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Libraries, Development and the UN 2030 Agenda, International Advocacy Programme, IAP, UN SDGs, UN 2030 Agenda

IAP Project Report: Portuguese speaking Africa (2018) "Awareness Creation, Advocacy and relevant Data Collection Strategies for UN 2030 Agenda"

Librarians from Portuguese speaking countries in Africa connected and built their advocacy capacity in a workshop using IFLA International Advocacy Programme (IAP)'s training materials on Libraries, the UN 2030 Agenda and the SDGs.

19 September 2018 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Advocacy, Capacity building, Development, Libraries, Development and the UN 2030 Agenda, Africa, Portuguese, UN SDGs, UN 2030 Agenda, IAP

BSLA Project Report: Senegal (2018) "Building capacity for a stronger Senegalese library field"

Senegalese librarians build capacity and a stronger professional association with Building Strong Library Associations (BSLA) funded project.

13 September 2018 | Africa, Associations, Capacity building, Senegal, Building Strong Library Associations. BSLA

How can Russian libraries further development of society?

The All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature in Moscow (LFL) hosted a workshop on 19-20 April 2018 connected to Libraries and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

14 August 2018 | Advocacy, Development, Libraries, Development and the UN 2030 Agenda, UN SDGs, UN 2030 Agenda, IAP

IAP Project Report: Uruguay (2018) "Workshop on Libraries as a Social Instrument"

Training of staff from Uruguayan public and community libraries to develop skills in gathering stories and data for use in showing how libraries contribute to the achievement of the UN 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Implementation of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) interface for gathering information.

27 July 2018

BSLA Project Report: Nepal (2017) "Capacity Building Activities to strengthen the library sector in Nepal"

The Nepal Library Association (NLA) worked in developing its organizational capacity, as well as knowledge and skills of its members and district library association with the support of a Building Strong Library Associations (BSLA) Project.

13 July 2018 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Associations, Capacity building, Nepal, Building Strong Library Associations, BSLA

Africa Can Lead: IFLA Addresses African Ministers

The 2nd meeting of African ministers responsible for libraries took place on 5-6 July in Durban, South Africa. IFLA President Glòria Pérez-Salmerón and Secretary General Gerald Leitner were proud to be there in support of efforts to strengthen the African library field.

8 July 2018 | Africa, Access to information, Copyright Limitations and Exceptions for Libraries & Archives, Africa, sustainable development goals

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