19 January 2012


For the last four years Mick Fortune, consultant and blogger at RFID: Changing Libraries for Good, has been running an annual survey of UK libraries’ use of RFID. Last year’s survey yielded the largest response so far with a total of 122 UK library authorities completing the questionnaire.  

The information gathered is used for a variety of purposes. At one level it provides a simple snapshot of the spread of the technology but the survey also provides a valuable resource for users to gain information about their supplier’s performance and other user’s experiences. Individual reports are sent to all responders and their suppliers showing performance in key areas like reliability of equipment, speed of response etc. All these reports contain statistical information only – no-one is named!

The survey will be open until the end of January. First results will be published during February.  Results are made available free of charge through a variety of channels. Please feel free to complete this survey.

Take the survey: 

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