Disaster Recovery Membership Incentive

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An IFLA membership incentive for Library Institutions and Associations in countries which suffered manmade or natural disasters.

The Stichting IFLA Foundation will provide support for IFLA membership for library institutions and associations whose countries are affected by internationally recognized large scale disasters such as natural disasters or armed or post conflict attacks. This enables IFLA members to continue their membership within IFLA, and to continue benefiting from their IFLA membership in their recovery activities.

The principles on which the Stichting bases its decision include the following:

  • The IFLA member has been an IFLA member in the year previous to the year in which the disaster happens (either self supporting or sponsored member);
  • The IFLA member falls into the category of Institutional or Association Member, or in one of the sub categories;
  • The proposal meets the objectives of the Stichting.

The support for membership will be for two years: the year of the disaster and the following year.
Institutions and Associations struck by disaster that have not been an IFLA member in the year previous to the disaster, but that would like to join IFLA to benefit from the international network for recovery actions, may also apply for this incentive.

Applicants for the Disaster Recovery Membership Incentive may forward a request to membership@ifla.org


Last update: 13 May 2014