Library Development Programme (LDP)

The IFLA Library Development Programme (IFLA LDP) works in collaboration with libraries, library associations, partner organisations and library professionals worldwide.  Our work helps all countries deliver relevant, sustainable activities for equitable access to information and stronger library communities.

IFLA LDP delivers community-led change through its training programmes, online learning activities and other opportunities such as access to IFLA’s international network. IFLA LDP is based on a platform of policies and standards, developed and endorsed by IFLA at the international level and local priorities at the grassroots level.

IFLA LDP works at four levels to provide:

  • Opportunity: to participate in the broader sector, to be represented
  • Empowerment: through capacity building for the development and sustainability of library communities, including associations, institutions and individuals
  • Expertise: through IFLA’s professional programme (guidelines, standards), networking, events, advocacy for libraries in society and the knowledge society
  • Advocacy:by engaging with all relevant stakeholders LDP aims to strengthen the ability of the library and information sector to advocate for equitable access to information and resilient, sustainable library communities.

LDP aims to strengthen the ability of the library and information sector to advocate for equitable access to information and resilient, sustainable library communities. We will achieve this through the following strands:

Support and build the capacity of national and regional library associations.

Advocacy for the role of access to information and libraries in the UN Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Developing leaders who can effectively represent the wider library sector in the international arena.

  • Collecting and sharing of Training materials

The different strands in Library Development Programme deliver training materials that are free to be used by the wider library sector.

LDP (Library Development Programme), Strategic Programmes, Development

Last update: 25 September 2017

Latest News

The 2030 Arab Librarians: Libraries and Development in the Arabic-Speaking World

As part of our International Advocacy Programme, IFLA supported a project led by the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (AFLI) to develop and deliver an online course on libraries and the SDGs.

21 November 2018

IAP Project Report: Hungary (2018) "Let’s work together on library advocacy!"

​IFLA supported an International Advocacy Programme project for librarians from the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary in 2018. The workshop aimed to raise awareness on the SDGs and libraries, to develop advocacy skills, to show methods and good practices of advocacy activities, to collect library stories, to inspire participants to carry out new advocacy activities, and – last but not least – to expand their professional networks.

29 October 2018

IAP Project Report: Arab librarians in the MENA region (2018) "The 2030 Arab Librarians: online program towards the road to the SDGs"

An online training platform built with the support of the International Advocacy Programme (IAP) allowed to raise awareness for Arab librarians in the MENA region on the UN 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) increasing the capacity of 31 Arab librarians from various countries across the MENA region working in public & national libraries.

2 October 2018