Reading links between generations: towards a more cohesive society


21 – 23 September 2011




The Institut Superieur de Documentation (ISD) of Tunisia...

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La lecture lien entre les générations : vers une société plus solidaire 

This has now been postponed until September 21-23 due to the ongoing events in Tunisia and neighbouring countries.

Tunis, originally scheduled for 23-25 March 2011

The Institut Superieur de Documentation (ISD) of Tunisia and the French Federation of Associations of Friends of the Library and the Book (FENAABIL) are holding an international conference in Tunis from 21 to 23 September 2011 under the title "Reading links between generations: towards a more cohesive society." This symposium seeks to explore and analyze the practices of mutual support between generations, especially in libraries and schools.

Many intellectuals and politicians are calling for a "more cohesive society", fairer and better able to regulate a globalized world weakened by the socio-economic recurring crises. This conference aims to explore and analyze different practices of mutual aid and support between generations and socio-cultural institutions including libraries and schools.

Call for Papers

The Federation of Friends of the Library and the Book Association invites interested persons to submit a proposal for a presentation of about 25 minutes on a topic above presentation to be published as Item thereafter.

Proposals may be submitted in one of the following languages: Arabic, English, French.

Proposals should not contain more than 500 words (one page) must be submitted in electronic format (PDF or doc.), and must be accompanied by a brief curriculum vitae of the authors.

Proposals must be sent to: ahmed.ksibi@

Please note that the Scientific Committee may pay the cost of conference registration and other expenses for selected proposals that are considered important to this conference.  Please check to confirm.

The following schedule will be apply :

30 December 2010: deadline for submitting a communication

January 15, 2011: Notification of acceptance / rejection and dissemination program

February 25, 2011: Deadline for submission of papers presented

January 2012: Publication of Proceedings

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