About the Agricultural Libraries Special Interest Group


Agriculture is an important activity all over the world. Farmers, ranchers, agricultural managers, and policy makers need to keep abreast of continuing advances in agricultural methods both in developed and developing countries. The IFLA Agricultural Libraries Discussion Group is aimed at promotion, development and support of library and information services for the benefit of the agricultural sector.


  • To identify the information needs and barriers to information access by the primary producers
  • To advocate the development of comprehensive and accessible library and information services for all members of the agricultural sector
  • To promote public awareness of agricultural library services and information transfer issues
  • To encourage and foster relevant ties among the organizations and institutions in the library community and information resource management sector
  • To disseminate information in support of the goals and objectives of IFLA internationally

Mailing list


The AGRILIBS mailing list is aimed at promotion, development and support of agriculture, animal husbandry and allied sectors worldwide. The list is used to distribute information and communicate with anyone interested in topics related to agricultural library and information services.

Note: AGRILIBS is a moderated open list. Commercial messages are not encouraged.

Agricultural Libraries

Last update: 8 July 2016