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Safer Internet Day in Lithuanian Libraries

Every February, libraries around the world support and take part in the Safer Internet Day campaign - to raise awareness and organise learning opportunities to help young people navigate the internet safely and confidently. Jolita Steponaitienė, the President of Lithuanian Librarian‘s Association, offers a look at how libraries in Lithuania continue to champion Safer Interent Day initiatives in 2021.

9 Février 2021 | Access to information, Digital inclusion, Information literacy, Information technology, Safer Internet Day

IFLA Deeply Concerned by Reports of Restrictions on Access to Information in Myanmar

Following reports of internet shutdowns and other restrictions on access to information in Myanmar, IFLA's President and Secretary General have issued the below statement.

9 Février 2021 | FAIFE (Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression), Access to information, Access to knowledge, Myanmar

Safer Internet Day: Experiences in Latvian Libraries

Every February, many countries celebrate and organise events dedicated to Safer Internet Day. Promoting digital literacy - including the fundamentals of online safety and privacy - has long been an important part of many libraries’ offer. So how can libraries support the Safer Internet Day campaign – and why should they take part? To offer a look from Latvia – a country where libraries have been championing Safer Internet Days for many years – Inga Niedra from the Latvian Culture Information Systems Centre shared some insights.

9 Février 2021 | Access to information, Digital inclusion, Information literacy, Information technology, Internet governance, Safer Internet Day

Libraries Champion Children’s Online Wellbeing: Getting Ready for Safer Internet Day

Every February, Safer Internet Day brings together diverse stakeholders to empower young internet users, raise awareness and support skills-building to ensure their safety online. This is a unique opportunity to highlight and build on the crucial work libraries are doing to support digital literacy, safety and wellbeing of children and youth online.

21 Janvier 2021

Media Literacy Pop-Up Interventions in Lithuanian Libraries - Interview

Libraries are well-positioned to deliver equitable media and information literacy learning opportunities for their communities. As part of a project curated by Tactical Tech and implemented jointly with IFLA and Save the Children Italia, three libraries in Lithuania hosted pop-up media literacy interventions – and now share their experiences.

13 Janvier 2021 | Digital inclusion, Information literacy, Knowledge society, Lifelong learning, Media literacy

Understanding Infodiversity: An Interview

A commitment to promoting access to information is a unifying factor across the global library field. In a changing information space, we interviewed Jonathan Hernández-Pérez to find out more about the concept of infodiversity and how it can help understand trends and developments.

12 Janvier 2021

Making the Decisions that Matter Better: IFLA Releases Statement on Open and Good Governance

IFLA has published a new statement on the role of library and information services in improving the way societies are governed, both through optimal decision-making within government, and effective scrutiny and engagement by parliaments and wider populations.

5 Janvier 2021 | Access to information, Open government, Government libraries, Library and Research Services for Parliaments

A Constant Goal in a Changing Landscape: IFLA Launches Survey on Intellectual Freedom

To mark Human Rights Day 2020, IFLA has opened a survey seeking views on intellectual freedom developments in recent years, their impact on libraries, and potential revisions to IFLA’s Statement on the subject.

10 Décembre 2020 | FAIFE (Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression), Access to information, Access to knowledge, Freedom of expression, Freedom of information, Human rights, Intellectual freedom

Mobilising Libraries for Digital Skills Delivery

IFLA's new research into digital skills strategies highlights examples of where governments have recognised the role of libraries in helping people become more competent, confident internet users. It provides examples to use in advocacy for library inclusion in such policy documents.

9 Décembre 2020 | Digital inclusion, digital skills, digital literacy

Media Literacy Learning Opportunities in Libraries Around Europe

As part of a joint project within the EU 'Preparatory Action on Media Literacy for All', several libraires around Europe are offering unique Media Literacy learning opportunities for their communities.

30 Novembre 2020

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