National Bibliographies in the Digital Age: Guidance and New Directions (2009)

por Maja Žumer (Ed.)

Series: IFLA Series on Bibliographic Control 39
Publisher: München: K.G. Saur, 2009

 Guidance and New Directions

The changes brought about by the World Wide Web and the explosion of electronic media have called into question many of the assumptions on which national bibliographies have been founded. The need was growing of a route map to navigate through uncharted territories. After a preparation period of several years,  IFLA's Bibliography Section endorsed this large set of guidelines.

They seek to help national bibliographic agencies improve their bibliographic services. Many examples and references are included.

Edited by Maja Žumer on behalf of the IFLA Working Group on Guidelines for National Libraries
ISBN 978-3-598-24287-8
(IFLA Series on Bibliographic Control; Nr 39)
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Original 2008 final draft

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