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Promotion of published heritage and national bibliography is the main interest of the Bibliography Section.

What is Bibliography?

National bibliographies are a permanent record of the cultural and intellectual output of a nation or country, which is witnessed by its publishing output. They gather the bibliographic information of current publications to preserve and provide ongoing access to this record.

By their nature, national bibliographic services are unique in their territory. Practitioners need to exchange with colleagues worldwide. The Bibliography Section is the international group interested in the techniques for the identification of content, arrangement, production, dissemination, and preservation of bibliographic information in national bibliographies, in particular through national bibliographic services in all contexts.

National bibliographic services are often interrelated with legal deposit, ISBN/ISSN assignment, cataloguing-in-publication, national authority files, and similar services. The Bibliography Section collaborates with related sections, in particular, National Libraries, Cataloguing, and Subject Analysis and Access

National bibliography is an important link in the chain of dissemination and is at the centre of a system that involves libraries of all types (not just national libraries), along with publishers, distributors, researchers, and ultimately end-users. 

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