The Section focuses on the full range of topics within scholarly communication.  These include: 

  • open access
  • repositories
  • publishing models
  • altmetrics and other types of metrics
  • text and data mining
  • bibliographic standards and control
  • national and international library cooperation
  • access and availability
  • conservation and archiving
  • collection management and development
  • library publishing
  • pricing issues
  • copyright
  • relationships with publishers, suppliers and other organizations
  • the accelerating impact of technological developments 
  • changes in continuing resource business practices and procedures

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SER-INFO — Serials and Other Continuing Resources's public mailing list.  The SER-INFO list is maintained by IFLA's Section on Serials and Other Continuing Resources (SOCRS). Its aim is to share information and foster discussion about scholarly communication, continuing resources and other topics pertinent to the work of the Section. We welcome all subscribers to this list, and we appreciate your announcements about scholarly communication and projects from all countries and regions around the world.

Note: SER-INFO mailing list is open for anyone to subscribe, but sending and/or receiving messages are restricted to subscribers.


Since 2012, IFLA SOCRS has maintained a separate blog by and for members of the international information management community to share and discuss all aspects of scholarly communication and continuing resources.

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